The Crash That Changed My Career

I went to show a house to a dear family early on in my career that had a young daughter. Their daughter was energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoying running around the empty house yelling. Very age appropriate, to say the least. My own children hadn’t reached the age of running around wildly yet, so I just […]

Working Mom Diaries :: Bringing Balance

If you didn’t know, I am a mother of two boys and dog mom to the beloved Lunchbox. My clients all know Lunchbox, and love him. I am write for a mom collective here in Lafayette, The Lafayette Mom. Here is a blurb from one of my most recent posts. If you like what you […]

Selling Your Home in 2022

Lafayette Home Sold By Blair Broussard

There’s been lots of buzz since early 2020 about a “Seller’s Market”, if you haven’t heard this term you’re either living under a rock peacefully ignoring the relationship between the housing market and our economy. You might be one of the few people who are actually content with their home and not scrolling Zillow or […]

Interest Rates on the Rise

The insane amount of buyers in the market since 2020 has driven prices high while inventory remains low. Buyers have been motivated by the lowest interest rates ever recorded. Essentially borrowing money has been so cheap it has offset the higher sales prices. Let’s look at an example : From my neighbors at just […]

When the Price is Right

Put me on repeat about the Seller’s market we are experiencing and have been experiencing since March 2020. Buyer demand has increased with historically low-interest rates, but supply can’t keep up. Sellers have been able to charge more because their homes are now considered a scarcity due to the lack of Sellers in the market […]

Why You Need An Agent to Sell Your House

I have caught myself mid-DIY project only to regret the time, energy, and efforts that went into the said project that now only looks one-third as good as the original template I was going for. My most recent project, painting my sunroom, turned out to be another failed DIY project I ended up paying a […]

Home Inspection – Buyer Edition

Buying a house can be daunting, especially in this competitive market. Sellers are getting multiple offers, with buyers oftentimes waving certain inspections and/or inspection periods, but I caution my clients to never skip the inspection period. Getting a home inspected by a licensed home inspector gives you a peek into the condition of your home […]