Blair Broussard

Blair Broussard

How to Buy a House in 3 Easy Steps

3 Easy Steps to Buy a Home

Blair Broussard Realtor

Buying a house is a process, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done! Ready to get your search started for your new home? I’ve got all you need in 3 easy steps. 


  1. Get Pre Approved: This is a non-negotiable for my clients. I don’t want your home search to end in heartache, so you must know your budget before we go look at any homes in person. Getting pre-approved is as easy as calling a local lender, I have a few to recommend, to talk about your financial situation. My Lenders are part of my team and want to see every client in the home of their dreams within the price range of their comfort level. 

  2. Make your list of must haves: Keep this list short and realistic. There is no perfect home, even new construction. Paint, flooring, and yard work, can all be changed with a vision and some work (if you’re open to it). Location, some parts of the floor plan, and parking usually can’t be changed. Your list should match your price point. 

  3. Get under contract: The Louisiana Purchase Agreement stipulates all the terms that the Buyer is offering to the Seller and spells out the timeline of the transaction. The offer is negotiated between the Buyer and Seller until all parties come to an agreement. Once under contract the Buyer and Seller are in a mutually exclusive agreement to move toward the act of sale. This is all fancy language to say that everyone is agreeing to sell the property unless there is an extenuating circumstance. 


A Realtor is an especially important component during the contract negotiation process as I serve as a filter and buffer between the parties. Tensions can run high, and emotions are always involved, which make it difficult to see the facts at hand and move toward solutions that are acceptable to both parties. Having me as your Realtor also means that you get access to the best Title Attorneys, Inspectors, and Service Companies. My relationship with each member of my team is based on trust and reputation, I don’t get any commission or bonus for working those I refer. If I wouldn’t have them work on my personal home I don’t recommend them to clients. 


Thinking about buying or selling a home this year? Be sure to follow my tried and true steps to get the process started!