Blair Broussard

Blair Broussard

Social Media Mind Games: Why You Can’t Have A Real Estate Career Without Reels

Where did you find this post you’re currently reading? Chances are through social media. Where do you see events, read reviews, and learn about new content for whatever hobbies you have? Chances are through social media. Where are you learning about homes for sale, either in your neighborhood, homes your friends are selling, or what your next house ought to be? Chances are through social media. 


Much of what we do for marketing comes through the veins of social media, and real estate is no different. Marketing is being where the people are, and the people are on social media. My main demographic specifically is on Instagram, which is under the umbrella of Meta Platforms Inc. Meta owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, among other things. Doing business with one is doing business with all. 


Much like having all of your accounts under the Meta Business platform allows for synergy between all platforms it also allows for chaos and frustration when those platforms are hacked. I have been on a never ending cycle of getting notified my account has been disabled, I start the process by trying to log in, and then down a dark, winding, and deceitful rabbit hole of following the steps to recover my account only to be told that the username(s) to which I am trying to recover do not exist. 


This is insanely frustrating as I have built much of my business from these marketing platforms. Social media has been a great tool to help me bring those wanting to sell their home together with those wanting to buy a home. It has been a beautiful matching making service I have cultivated as I use reels, live streaming, videos, posts, and stories to advertise for my clients and to potential clients. 


My account is completely wiped from Instagram, but still active on Facebook; this honestly makes it worse because of the confusion it causes from me now having to start building another social media following from scratch even though my original pages are there and blatantly show all of my hard work from the past four years of real estate success. 


Real estate as my profession will continue, as I love to serve my clients in the protection I provide for them, the resources I assist with during the transaction, and the planning I contribute so that they can accomplish their home goals effortlessly. Marketing my real estate business will now take twice as much work as I fight to regain access to my social media platforms that I worked hard to build while simultaneously starting over from scratch. If you have had any experience with this please reach out. As a small business, I am working tirelessly to get the attention of these large companies that have a nonexistent customer service business.