Blair Broussard

Blair Broussard

The Crash That Changed My Career

I went to show a house to a dear family early on in my career that had a young daughter. Their daughter was energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoying running around the empty house yelling. Very age appropriate, to say the least. My own children hadn’t reached the age of running around wildly yet, so I just laughed it off and didn’t have any forethought to the precautions I should have taken to also show the home to the little girl. 

During many of my showings, to adults, I point out the critical handling points of the home. Where the master bedroom is in reference to the guest rooms, thus gauging my client’s need for privacy from their guests or children. Many times my clients think through the flow and function of the living room, kitchen, and laundry room as those spaces are high traffic areas for most families. I usually question them on who is doing what for household chores so they can think through how they will function in the space. I very rarely mention anything about the glass door to the patio, which was my primary mistake when showing this particular home to this particular family. 

Just as I was highlighting the updated electrical panel, the tankless hot water heater, and the large master bathroom I heard the loudest crash of my career. The crash was immediately followed by equally loud crying. The parents and I both darted into the living room, where the six year old little girl lay on the ground with a very large emerging egg-shaped bump on her forehead. The glass door to the patio had been cleaned so clearly that she ran directly into it thinking it was open.  

All I could do was start apologizing. There wasn’t a “fault” per say, as it was an accident, but I felt so bad for not having mentioned it loud enough to teach the child to look out for the glass door. 

At that moment my motherhood and career merged. I now put on my ‘mom cap’ at every showing with a family. While the parents hold the purse strings to buying or selling a home, I learned that day that the children are equally using the space and need to know how it functions just as much as the parents. 

Thankfully, the little girl was fine and walked away with nothing more than a bump on her head that healed within a day. I walked away realizing I needed to provide family-friendly ratings to each home. My care through my career is to protect every family member through the transaction of buying and selling. I am blessed to have the honor to work with the families I get to call clients. Each one is unique and beautiful and deserving of a perfect home.