Blair Broussard

Blair Broussard

Why You Need A Local Lender: Access Your Money on Your Time

Buying a home requires money, just like buying anything else out there.

Go ahead and take a moment to take in that life shattering news- ha! But in all seriousness working with a local lender, not a traditional bank, though bank’s do have their proper place, can get you further in your home goals. Traditional banks have limited communication hours, close to observe holidays, and have different restrictions than an independent mortgage lender. 
Many hours in real estate are after or sandwiched between the traditional 8-5 work schedule. Just like me, as your Realtor, you should be able to access your lender for all of your money questions and concerns at the time of those concerns.

Sometimes the decision to buy a house comes at 7pm after a showing and you need to be able to contact your lender at that time too. 

When I recommend a local lender to my clients it is because I have a trusted working relationship with said lender. I do not get any kind of perks for recommending clients to anyone in my professional sphere, I make recommendations based on reputation.

My reputation is only worth who I work with, and when I lead my clients to local services it is because they are tried and true. 

Getting a loan is a financially invasive process, but it doesn’t mean that it is a process in judging your financial situation. Your lender is there to help you assess your current finances so that you can achieve your goals. 

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