Blair Broussard

Blair Broussard

Why You Need An Agent to Sell Your House

I have caught myself mid-DIY project only to regret the time, energy, and efforts that went into the said project that now only looks one-third as good as the original template I was going for. My most recent project, painting my sunroom, turned out to be another failed DIY project I ended up paying a professional to finish. Said sunroom is large and required lots of taping to keep windows and doors from catching any paint. I was happy to move all the furniture and toys from the sunroom as well as do all the laborious taping required. I put my husband in charge of painting as his eyes lit up at the thought of using a paint sprayer (hello first-timer). Tutorial complete on the paint sprayer, primer in hand, and a full Saturday of me with the kids he went to work. I mean that in the most literal sense, because it was like he was actually at work providing no support for the kids on our weekend hours, and busy all day from 8 am-5 pm (and after 5 pm to clean the paint sprayer). With two kids under two, I live for the weekends with both my husband and I able to parent together as a team.

After one workday of painting the sunroom, it was only halfway primed and he still had another hour of clean-up to go. At this pace, our kids will be grown before we get other uninterrupted weekends that allow him all the hours he needs to be finished painting, and not to mention that mess it left in the meantime for the only entry/exit we have to the backyard, our most coveted play area on the property. I called a professional painter the next day and the entire room was primed and painted within twenty-four hours. Win. Win. Win.

Many Sellers start out with the same idea about selling their houses themselves. How easy it is to price it right, get it ready to show, and provide all the paperwork legally entitled to the Buyers about the condition of the home. I have yet to mention scheduling showings, following up on feedback and leads, ensuring all potential buyers are qualified, and negotiating the contract terms. My expertise as a listing agent provides my Sellers with the knowledge of what to keep or toss when getting their homes ready to show. How to price it right and what features factor into the right price (this process also prepares the property for the coming appraisal). I evaluate each contract for its strengths and weaknesses including the Buyer’s financing- one of the most critical pieces! When I negotiate the terms of the contract, due diligence & inspection period, as well as the appraisal this allows my Sellers to shift their focus toward the physical move and their search for a new home.

My professional network allows me to market their home to many more buyers than just the typical for sale by owner sign and a Seller’s post online. Real estate is my career, I have honed my marketing skills, negotiating power, and legal understanding of this industry to provide the best knowledge and experience for my clients to get the highest and best for their homes. Don’t leave your biggest asset to a DIY experience when you can hire me as your Realtor and get the best professional experience. I provide Seller consultations to help you understand what your home has to offer in this market and the entire selling process. I would love to work with you! Let me know how I can help you sell your home by filling out the info in the Work With Me tab at the top of the page or leave a comment on this post and I will be in touch!